2022 Web Design Trends for Wineries

The best winery website design incorporates three core elements: storytelling, an optimal user experience, and design trends that boost conversions. They also have an eCommerce strategy that helps people buy the wines they most easily identify with.

If you want a successful wine marketing experience in 2022, these website design trends hit all the right notes and get people clicking.

Winery Website Design

As visitors browse your website, they might not realize what’s catching their eye or think about why they stay there. But behind the scenes, winery website designers put quite a bit of thought into those and other elements that make for exceptional user experiences.

Creative Website Scrolling

Scrolling is the most common user engagement with a website’s pages. Innovative designers use this activity to take site visitors on imaginative adventures, guiding them into immersive worlds where the shopping journey is as enjoyable as the buying destination.

In what’s known as “scrollytelling,” designers are combining scrolling with storytelling to tell dynamic multimedia stories that engage and keep your audience invested in the story they’re following. Often referred to as “narrative visualization,” scrollytelling is ideally suited to wineries, as their stories are often as fascinating as their wines are enjoyable.

Micro Animations

When you want to draw a viewer’s eye towards certain areas of a page, you can use micro animations to add depth and direct a customer’s attention accordingly. Examples of this technique that a winery might use include featuring a popping cork or bunch of grapes on toggle switches to adding an animated delivery truck once a customer submits an order.

Modern Minimalism

Less may be more, but it’s often challenging to do in website design. However, a minimalist approach has multiple benefits which make it a worthy consideration. From a functional POV, it helps increase loading times and makes for better compatibility across devices. From a design perspective, it keeps the focus on what your brand is all about by eliminating flashy features that can be fun but ultimately distracting.

Supersized Titles

It’s a concept newspapers have known for centuries: big, bold text headlines on a neutral background draw the most attention. Website design that includes large, bold titles and brief messaging can be highly effective in shortening the conversion time. This can be particularly helpful when designing eCommerce sites for wineries, as it retains visual appeal while keeping the buying process simple.

Retro Revolution

Today’s designers are drawing inspiration from the bright background colors, robotic typefaces, and visible table layouts of the 90s and using them to design contemporary websites that invoke a sense of nostalgia viewers find appealing. Paired with scrollytelling and modern interfaces, it’s a combination younger and more mature audiences alike enjoy interacting with. Look for visible borders and frames to make a big splash in 2022, too. Used creatively, they can make web pages easier to scan while allowing for more content without overcrowding the page.

Best Web Design For Wineries

Whether you’re building a new eCommerce website or are looking to bring your existing site up-to-date, award-winning NextGen Wine Marketing offers the best web design for wineries in the Napa Valley. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we do it and to schedule a no-obligation consultation.