Why a Custom Design Winery Website Can Best Tell Your Story & Drive DTC Sales

Every winery is unique. Each will differ in management style, sales approach, location, price points, quality, reputation, and product range. Unfortunately, with template-based or generic wine marketing websites created by software companies for easy implementation, these identification markers become blurred in an abyss of standardized, “fill-in-the-blanks” anonymity.

Custom-designed winery websites created by an award-winning web design company are easy to recognize. Upload is immediate, the winery’s messages are clear, content is immediately engaging, navigation on any device is smooth, and executing an online purchase is simple.

Any money saved with generic website design will be offset quickly by lost opportunities. In a world where eCommerce dominates, successful wineries invest too much in people, vineyards, methodical wine production, and inventory to cut corners on developing a robust online presence.

Here are some of the reasons why a professionally crafted custom website helps build a winery brand and generate new direct-to-consumer sales:

Enhance Your Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Did you know that over 36% of U.S. consumers are buying retail products online, according to a July 2020 Forbes report? That percentage will continue to snowball, naturally enhanced by the effects of the current pandemic.

More specifically, direct-to-consumer wine sales are generating 55% of wine sales growth in a notably crowded market, according to a Beverage Industry February 2021 article.

For any winery hoping to enjoy continuing success in marketing its products, management must commit to creating an attractive, customized website that conveys the many positive attributes of both the winery and its wines in an eye-catching, engaging way. The solution is to work with a proven web design company that understands wine consumer preferences and presents your winery’s advantages in a credible and appealing manner.

Essential Factors in Online Branding

TopSEOs, a search engine authority, lists several factors that impact the effectiveness of a successful website. The components include:

  • Content: Interesting, compelling content that conveys engaging messages and establishes you as an industry expert.
  • Colors: Color, style, and appearance can grab a visitor’s attention or even cause them to move on in a hurry. Colors should complement the logo and should be compatible in a way that draws, rather than rejects, a consumer’s first attention.
  • Easy Navigation: Frustration caused by complicated or confusing navigation results in plenty of empty and partially filled shopping carts.
  • Call to Action: Using blogs, articles, and other website content, the website should lead the web searcher to consummate a purchase. After all, most visitors will be evaluating wine purchases and should be shown how to proceed.

Search Engine Optimized Content

If no one can find you, your winery will miss out on a great opportunity. A professional winery website designer understands the importance of search engine optimization or SEO. In brief, SEO means creating content that establishes your website near the top of the search engine (notably Google) listings.

Search engine companies strive to create quality-based prioritizations for websites with quality, unique content. By integrating carefully crafted content always current with the complex algorithms of these engines, a professional web design company can keep their client’s website near the top of each search.


As your company grows in scope and offerings, your website must keep pace to ensure you are optimizing the benefits of your expansion. One-size-fits-all websites are not adaptable since they rarely anticipate the flexibility required for growth.

Smooth, Customer-Centered Navigation

Whether the prospective customer is searching from their desktop or a mobile device, the website should be easy to use. Visitors will be attracted, become engaged, stay longer, and are more likely to buy and return when the process is made easy.

Enhanced Security

A custom website designed by a proven web design company adds greater security for both the winery and its clients. Specific, client-applied protocols will be incorporated with each project.

Contact NextGen Wine Marketing for Custom Website Design

To prosper from a customized website design that differentiates your brand, tells your story, attracts more customers, and generates new sales, contact the award-winning NextGen Wine Marketing professionals. Customized website design will drive a far greater ROI and expand your clientele far more effectively than a generic, less targeted, standardized site used by your competitors.

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