Advanced Management Systems (AMS)



create a custom design website & wine store connected to AMS

Advanced Management System (AMS) is a well established winery management system offering  a comprehensive suite of winery management software, especially for larger wineries.

Our in-house engineers have developed a proprietary solution to connect AMS with a custom design WordPress website and WooCommerce online store. This allows wineries to offer their consumers a user-friendly and intuitive website, while also enabling robust marketing capabilities of a modern e-commerce store front.

AMS wordpress wine store integration graphic 4


WordPress + WooCommerce + AMS

The customer facing WordPress website (the front-end) enables 100% customizable design for each product and webpage. The WooCommerce based wine store offers a modern look & feel, advanced search and filter functions, plus a broad range of integration options, features and services from the WordPress eco system.

The existing AMS solution continues to host all customer data, wine club information, wine product pricing and inventory. The management of all these data points, purchase transactions and compliance will continue to be done within the AMS system.

Our custom engineered solution ensures that real-time inventory levels and pricing information will be automatically updated between the WooCommerce store and the AMS system. Special wine club discounts and wine club limited selections will automatically be displayed after a wine club member logged in.

This powerful combination of a custom design and modern frontend being elegantly incorporated into your winery’s existing AMS system, unlocks a new level of marketing capabilities, user experience and growth opportunity.


Data Layer with Cross-Domain Tracking

Analytical data is imperative to measuring the success of marketing initiatives, such as email campaigns and advertising, etc. Ideally, marketers want to understand the return on marketing investments including conversions like purchases, tasting reservations and club sign ups

Our Cross Domain Tracking solution utilizes a data layer that connects and communicates the analytical data and store activity from the website with the analytical data from the AMS checkout functions.

“Building this data bridge” enables the complete end-to-end view and assessment of marketing campaigns, ad spent ROI and website performance while also unlocking powerful marketing automation capabilities.

Google Analytics

Monitoring of cross-domain website activity and engagements via our data layer enables a full suite of Google Analytics that you never knew were possible including enhanced e-commerce data.

Email Marketing Automation: VBOUT

With powerful cross-domain tracking (see above) connecting the WordPress frontend with the AMS store, you unlock the door to endless marketing automation capabilities. With the power of VBOUT, we help you to better serve your wine customers with  personalization and efficiency.

With marketing automation at your fingertips, you stand to deliver more relevant and personalized marketing and highly converting content including automated cart and browse abandonment emails, birthday specials, wine club and VIP promotions as well as SMS and anniversary specials.

With the lead scoring capabilities of the VBOUT marketing automation you can see in real time who your most motivated and ready-to-buy wine clients are based on website activity, campaign engagement and social media behavior. 

Google Ads

The “data bridge” between the website frontend and AMS store enables laser-focused Google ad campaigns plus retargeting opportunities based on the user’s engagement with the website. The data layer handles the conversion codes and triggers pre-defined activities based on user-behavior like time on webpage, scroll depth and more.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel utilizes the data layer “bridge” to track cross-domain activity between the website frontend and the AMS store. Now you can finally track conversions to serve relevant content such as browse and/or cart abandonment social media ads.



  • WooCommerce Store Setup
  • Custom Store and Wine Product Page Design
  • Setup Advanced Search & Filter Functions
  • WooComerce – AMS Synch Setup
  • Datalayer Setup & Cross Domain Tracking Enabled
  • Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics in Google Analytics Enabled

Not included in above pricing: 

  • Limited AMS engineering support required
  • Wine store product page content population (additional $50/page)
  • Design & Development of new WordPress Website (see pricing)
  • Design updates, special coding for existing WordPress websites (custom quote)



integration examples

strala laptop image

Grgich Hills Estate

laptop mobile project ledson

Ledson Winery



client testimonials

"WSI is a highly capable team who helped us to redo our Southbrook website. Responsive, organized and on-time/on-spec - the most important qualities of a development firm. Thanks!"

- Southbrook Vineyards

"Andreas, Georgia, Maria and the rest of the team at WSI are a joy to work with. They are dependable, savvy, and truly understand digital marketing on a deep level. They did a fantastic job redesigning our website and we are thrilled with the results. We cannot recommend them enough!"

- Hill Family Estate

"We love working with WSI! All of their team members are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and they provide an excellent service!"

- Grgich Hills Estate

"I give WSI 5 stars for helping me to create a beautiful website for my small wine company. From start to finish, working with them was a great experience. After our first meeting, then using my story and visual materials, they produced a beautiful website that checks all of the boxes I needed. Great communicator, an amazing designer and has a deep knowledge of the website software necessary to match her client’s requests."

- Katnip Wines

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with WSI... We have seen positive growth in many areas of our business including e-commerce, traffic... brand exposure, the effectiveness of our email marketing, quality of customer data... Additionally, we worked with WSI to re-design both of our websites to ensure optimization and enhance the user experience."

- The Good Life Wine Collective, Handwritten Wines & Jessup Cellars

"We started working with WSI when we needed to make our website mobile friendly... Through the whole process they were responsive and professional and helped us analyze our options. Their web development team is skilled and the ongoing access to them is reassuring. We can't recommend them highly enough!"

- Dyer Wine

"Andreas and Georgia helped me upgrade and modernize the website for my wine brand. I was very impressed with what they had to offer... They are extremely well versed in website development, management, SEO, security and more. They are both very responsive to any needs or questions I have and follow through on any projects we undertake."

- Aiken Wines

"We were happy with their timelines- they were realistic and they stuck to them! We got everything when it was promised. Knowledge of behind the scenes on the websites was impressive. Their final work was very nice! We were very happy on it!."

- Maldonado Bottling


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