Winery Website Process Start to Finish

Just as each wine is different, every winery is unique. Each has a history, philosophy, and unique ways to bring value to their efforts.

For the Napa-based Next Gen Wine Marketing Team, creating engaging, attractive, and effective winery website designs for their clients is their most crucial role.

Convinced that one-size-can-never-fit-all with the winery website design for excellence, the Next Gen Wine Marketing professionals begin with a blank canvas and then explore the many attributes that make their clients’ business unique.

Built with secure and up-to-date technology, Next Gen Wine Marketing’s website creations will present their customer’s company in a unique light, designed to engage, interact with, and delight each customer’s online experience with conversions and retention as the ultimate destination.

Each winery website development project incorporates:

  • Custom Design: tailored precisely to underscore the client’s unique brand.
  • eCommerce Integration: formatted for easy comparisons and fast, simple online ordering and purchasing.
  • Mobile Responsiveness and Interactivity: accessible and readable from any device.
  • Search Engine Optimized: achieve high visibility and rankings among Google and other search engine algorithms.
  • ADA-supported: content can be formatted for easier access for visually impaired visitors.
  • Easily to update: design allows for easy changes and updates to keep material fresh and exciting.

So, what process does the award-winning Next Gen Wine Marketing Team use to design a search engine-optimized, best wine website for a new client?

Preparation and Learning: Kickoff Meeting and Data Collection

Following a review of an introductory questionnaire submitted by the client, Next Gen Wine Marketing’s winery website designers employ extensive investigation, interviews, relative keyword searches, and collaborative discussion to establish an in-depth understanding of the client’s target audience.  This initial quest is to understand better and define typical customer behaviors and to define “what makes this winery special precisely?”

During an initial Kickoff Meeting, before design activity can begin in earnest, Next Gen Wine Marketing focuses on gathering as much information and usable material as possible through discussion and interaction. These learnings will later be distilled into a customized website design that precisely reflects the client’s preferred approach and philosophy.

Next Gen Wine Marketing will explore client opinions on critical elements like brand-building strategies, color, font, logos, blogging, and features like galleries of photographs, favorite websites, dislikes, and inspirations.

This interaction involves envisioning the brand, defining business objectives and expectations, discussing preferences in design elements, the scope of the website, and many other details.

Design and Review 

By using a staging server, the collaboration continues as the winery website design creative team and site developers begin to craft the essence and framework of the future winery website,

During this phase, the developers will amass pertinent data, information, vineyard management and winery protocols, photographs, videos, notable historical details, and more to integrate into the basic design.

As the website begins to take form with the first page or two, Next Gen Wine Marketing invites the client for a status update and review. During this meeting, the winery customer has an opportunity to critique ideas, clarify interpretations, comment on the aesthetics, and set the direction for further development.

The precision of the feedback and the amount of material the client provides will often dictate how quickly the website can reach a level of acceptability to justify release.

Following that initial review, two other review meetings will be scheduled to assess progress, make changes, and solicit customer feedback.

Each additional review brings the best website design closer to completion and launch.

Final Review and Website Launch

The introduction of the new winery website is simply another starting point. Rather than spend more time tweaking and pondering during the preparation stages, the introduction might only be about 80% or so complete, with a landing page, an About page, and possibly a few more. This level of finish gives both the developer and the client time to monitor and adjust, add new or overlooked material, and continue to “polish” the content of their winery website.

Following the initial launch of the new winery website and the uploading process, Next Gen Wine Marketing will perform a two-week-long quality assurance testing process to ensure that all functions are working correctly.

And, the professionals at Next Gen Win Marketing will also perform a 90-minute user training session to make sure the client and staff are comfortable managing elements of their new winery website design.


Once the Website Launch Agreement is signed, the project is almost complete. With this agreement, Next Gen Wine Marketing provides a 30-day warranty to correct, at no cost, any errors or adjustments that may surface with the client’s new winery website.

In addition, Next Gen Wine Marketing offers continuing security, maintenance, and monitoring services.

Next Gen Wine Marketing Offering the Best Winery Website Developers

Working with a wide variety of successful wineries, Napa’s Next Gen Wine Marketing is fully committed to the success of each partnership.

Success, as defined by a robust brand-building presence, attracting more buyers, and increasing conversions, is Next Gen Wine Marketing’s principal objective in designing the best wine websites in the industry.

To learn more about Next Gen Wine Marketing’s winery website design process, contact the WSI Next Gen Winery Marketing experts for a confidential consultation by phoning 1-(707)-927-5139.

You may also complete the Contact Form on the Next Gen Wine Marketing website, and we will be sure to schedule a no-obligation meeting at your convenience.