How to Make your Wine Marketing Successful in 2022

Building your winery brand, improving your ROI, and taking a leadership role in the industry are all about marketing. And, it is essential to know that online wine sales have soared since the onset of the recent pandemic. The upward trend in digital marketing for wineries is likely to continue rising, as noted in a recent report.

Whether a winery is a stately hillside mansion that draws thousands each year or a less palatial country estate, successful wine marketers realize that much of their future sales growth lies in digital marketing with an engaging online presence.

Relying on a dull, uncompelling online presence can make achieving sales objectives difficult, if not impossible, and will do little to enhance the winery’s brand.

Building a Better Online Presence

Effective digital marketing for wineries today is a multi-faceted process requiring creative design, ongoing monitoring, creative advertising, and robust search engine optimization (SEO) that improves the potential for more visitors.

Creating an effective presence demands the expertise, experience, and continual oversight of a proven and effective wine marketing agency.

To better understand the complexities of creating and maintaining a highly effective online presence for wineries, here are some fundamentals:

Implement an Engaging Website

Your website is your storefront. A visitor’s first impression is lasting and can make the difference between staying to look and buy or simply clicking off to another location.

Wine country settings are beautiful, and the potential for adding stunning photography to the landing page is immense. Visitors will be more likely to remain on your site if you integrate an alluring message about your wines’ quality, attributes, and value.

A professional wine marketing agency can create and design those websites integrated with your wine store to that attract and convert, not chase away.

Develop Strong SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is both the art and science of creating quality and content in a website that ranks higher during keyword searches. Since very few users, according to a Forbes report, ever move to the second page of any Google search listing, ranking on the first page of any search is vital. A proven winery SEO campaign keeps content fresh with a clear understanding of effective keyword usage.

Establish a Hassle-free Shopping Experience

Nearly completing a sale or conversion is certainly not the same as doing it. Many online retailers have introduced websites that are difficult to navigate, hard to choose, and clumsy at completing the transaction. Too often, these sites end up with filled shopping carts or less because the consumer gave up and moved on. A streamlined, easy-to-use website that allows simple transitions and easy check-out is essential. How is your current site integrated with your winery software? Is it seamless and user-friendly? Find a winery ecommerce integration to enhance your website and represent your brand in a professional way.

Automate and Personalize Your Email Marketing

Enhance your email marketing with marketing automation. A superior wine marketing agency can set up automated email production that:

  • Welcomes new visitors
  • Reminds regular and recent visitors of upcoming sales events and promotions
  • Offers suggestive add-on sales reminders
  • Follows-up on abandoned carts

Upgrade Your Online Ads

Consciously or subconsciously, consumers can begin to pay less attention to advertisements that they may see repeatedly or are dull and uninformative. A professional wine marketing ad agency works with its clients to produce fresh and visually exciting content to keep the message vibrant.

Work with an Award-Winning Wine Marketing Agency

Competition for the attention of online wine shoppers is more rigorous than ever. To learn more about the strategies that can upgrade your online presence and improve your winery ROI, schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team, located in Napa Valley.

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