Holiday Business Done, Make Your Winery Website Shine and Grow in 2022

Investing in your winery website design is equally as important as the wine your winery produces. Today, most consumers’ first impression of your brand will be through your website. A well-thought-out website represents your winery’s online presence and can help you engage and retain your current customers, reach out to new ones and stand out from the competition. Herein are key aspects to consider when revamping your wine web design in 2022 and beyond.

Simplify the User Journey/Navigation

An effective wine web design compels your customers to take action and simplifies this process. Similar to your tasting room, you have to ask for sales on your website. After your customers read and view the content on your website, what are the actions you want them to take?

The best wine websites have a well-defined path for visitors that leads them to the main goal, which is to convert. Along the way, you can provide opportunities to advance forward or backtrack, but you should define and mark these opportunities clearly. Every page of your website should have a clear and eye-catching primary call-to-action (CTA), which is the add to cart or Buy button.

Ensure your cart is seamlessly integrated into your website navigation such that visitors don’t have to struggle to find the purchasing funnel. You can incorporate a transitional “more info” or “learn more” CTA to simplify the purchasing process by eliminating the need to backtrack to the product pages.

Create Engaging Content

Disseminating relevant and engaging content is a crucial part of winery website design. If you removed the logo and flashy pictures from an average winery website, the chances are that most visitors will be unable to tell the winery the website belongs to. The best wine websites have personalities and interesting narratives.

There are thousands of wineries taking to the web to sell their product. It’s imperative that you stand out with unique storytelling. Wine is a lifestyle product, and your content has to capture this aspect and hook your visitors. You want to establish your website as an authoritative and engaging source of information on all topics about wine.

Great content can include thought-provoking blog pieces, informative wine videos, videos showcasing the production of your wines, online guides, infographics, and entertaining day-in-the-life interviews. Your creativity is your limit here. Valuable consistent storytelling content leads to more visitors who either convert or share your content, increasing your online visibility.

Winery Website Design Optimized for Mobile

In 2015, Google declared that mobile searches overtook desktop searches. Improvements in mobile technology plus user familiarity with their devices have led to a major increase in mobile transactions. This means a significant percentage of wine purchases today are made on mobile devices.

A mobile-optimized wine web design ensures your customers have the same smooth, intuitive and seamless experience across their mobile devices anywhere at any time. Also, ensuring your winery website is mobile adaptive helps build faith in your business, and search engines favor websites optimized for mobile (improves your SEO).

To make your website mobile-friendly, optimize menu navigation, ensure your text is readable, include a search function, optimize videos and images for mobile, improve site loading times, make it easy for users to take actions, enable accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) and conduct mobile-friendly testing.


A clean winery website design that facilitates easy access to your products offers relevant and engaging content on top of eye-catching professional media, and is mobile-friendly and responsive, will ensure you stand out from your competitors. The easier it is for your wine web design to grab a visitor’s attention and enable easy navigation and viewing of your products, the higher your chances of converting your web traffic into paying customers and brand ambassadors.

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