Marketing Trends for Wineries

People don’t just buy wine anymore. They buy experiences. That’s why it’s crucial to utilize winery marketing strategies that provide a digital representation of your tasting room. You want to draw customers to you by engaging them at every single touch point along the way.

That said, winery advertising and marketing strategies are constantly changing, making it imperative to evaluate past strategies for effectiveness and give new trends a try.

Here are some winery marketing trends to take note of.

Invest in Winery SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most effective strategies to market your winery online. A well-planned and executed winery SEO campaign can help you draw your target audience to your website, build your winery email marketing list, and increase wine club membership and sales.

To optimize your winery website for search; you’ll need to keep three things in mind.

  • Video and visuals of any kind are powerful. It’s simply not enough to describe how your wine smells, tastes, and feels; you must engage your customers’ visual senses.
  • Optimize your winery website for search intents. Different customers are looking for different things. Some want to join wine tasting events, while others are looking for wine club memberships.
  • Optimize for mobile search. It’s no secret that the majority of online searches take place on mobile phones. Make sure your website and winery advertising strategies are optimized for mobile devices.

Focus on Online Sales and Offer Sales

Successful wineries understand that they need to meet their customers where they are – that means taking your wine business online. Subscription clubs provide a fun way for customers to explore new wine varieties or get their favorite bottle of wine delivered to their doorstep.

You can use your winery email subscription list to market wine-tasting parties and other at-home social events to your customers. This way, you’re not just waiting for them to show up at your winery. In other words, create new ways for your customers to enjoy your wine to boost sales.

Connect With Wine Consumers on Social Media

Do you have a social media marketing strategy? If not, you’re losing a significant portion of your customer base to competitors. Social media provides a channel to focus your marketing efforts where potential customers are already spending their time.

Also, you don’t have to rely on organic reach alone. Paid social advertising can help increase your following while enhancing your brand reputation. Social media wine marketing is essential when building brand awareness. Such a move allows you to capitalize on storytelling, build a community of wine lovers, and inspire potential consumers toward your brand.

Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

The reality is that creating great wine isn’t enough. You must get people talking about your brand. Influencers can be an incredibly valuable channel when crafting a brand story. They can help expose your brand to new audiences and garner new fans. Influencer marketing is a wine advertising channel that leverages bloggers, social media influencers, and other online personalities to tell the story of your brand for you.

It’s worthwhile to note that the influencer you work with becomes a representation of your brand. Dig deeper to discover what makes your wine brand stand out. It’s the first step to finding a brand ambassador who aligns with your values, goals, and even aesthetics.

Start an Impactful Marketing Campaign for Your Winery

Wine marketing is about creating the best experiences for customers from the moment they come across your brand. Our wine marketing strategies are designed to do this while improving your bottom line. Contact our digital marketing specialist to find out more