How to Differentiate My Winery Online to Drive Business Growth

Standing out in a crowded market of competitor copy and creative content seems all the more challenging year after year. We’ve been hearing it for years. To prepare for the storm of millennial-ready strategies around digital marketing for wineries, and guess what!? Millennials are now here, they’re thirsty, adventurous, and they’ve set the bar high for how they want their wine marketing served up.

Want to swirl up a marketing buzz around your wine business? Here are our tips on differentiating your winery online.

Lesson one starts with ensuring that your wine buyer journey and storytelling is lifestyle oriented, visually inspiring, personalized, and frictionless.

Marketing newsflash: If you set out to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one. This modern marketing adage holds true when advertising and marketing your wine online. Differentiating your winery starts with authenticity and understanding your target buyer personas. Our wine marketing agency assists clients in identifying their buyer personas and developing targeted wine marketing messages to appeal to the right buyers and those ready to check out.

Knowing your target market is a critical factor to reaching the right internet users, whether via social media marketing, online advertising or other lead nurturing strategy. Thankfully, wine marketing companies like ours have a suite of tools and techniques to help you identify who your most motivated buyers are. By understanding the psychology, motives and lifestyle needs of your target consumers, you can personalize the shopping journey to increase tasting room visits and sell more of your wine online or on-premise.

One such example of personalizing the customer journey, involves customizing your marketing message and creative content for shoppers who are at different stages of the sales funnel. You can read more about this on our recent blog HERE.

Now, you’ve heard that “Content is King”, and we can preach it each day until the cows come home. However, millennial (and even middle age) consumers are immune to generic content. What millennials crave more than their canned wine and rosé, is real, authentic and inspiring lifestyle-oriented content. What does that mean? It means investing in visually-inspiring photo and video content to help share your story. Wine consumers are captivated learning about the people and personalities that handcrafted their wine. Your goal as a marketer is to create an online presence that people want to follow and advocate for.

Lifestyle-oriented content means dishing up visually stunning ideas about the day-to-day #moments and with what spread of food your wine is best savored. Hint: Did I mention that ideas are best served on a silver platter?

Which bring us to frictionless. It’s ever more important that the wine buying journey is smooth, well-rounded with not too much tannin… whoops, I got carried away. With the advent of Amazon setting precedent of just how smooth a buying journey can be, digital marketing for wineries has definite room for improvement (generally speaking). Frictionless wine shopping starts with the smooth website flow and user experience from your landing page to the checkout page. What this means is creating landing pages that direct the shopper to do exactly what you want them to do. This requires clear Calls-To-Action, great educational copy answering the questions you know they have before they have to wonder, complemented by visually-inspiring content to help inform their purchase decision.

Wine marketing teams now have the luxury of monitoring their customer’s buying journey and preferences with the power of marketing automation. Marketing automation for wineries can be found in many different flavors. Marketing automation helps to drive business growth and differentiate your winery by streamlining efficiency while personalizing the shopping experience by delivering relevant information to shoppers based on product preference or readiness to buy.

Our website designers and engineers have expertise with a broad range of winery e-commerce solutions. Leveraging API technology, our e-commerce engineers have unlocked the door to cutting edge automation whether your winery operates with eCellar, WineDirect, VineSpring or Commerce-7.

Each of these leading e-commerce solutions are open API (application programming interface) ready, making digital marketing for wineries more exciting than ever. Ready to enhance your wine marketing capabilities with custom branded cart abandonment emails, advanced retargeting, customer tagging and automated list segmentation? Schedule a consultation now with one of our experienced Digital Marketing team members.


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