Elevating Your Winery’s Digital Marketing Game Plan for the Next Holiday Season

Just as quick as the seasons go, we’ll be greeted by the holy season before we know. Whether you have a budding or even well-established wine business the goal is to be your customer’s go-to for gift giving. As a wine marketing agency, we appreciate the race to remind our thirsty customers to restock their cellar for the holiday season. We’ve wrapped up some helpful hints in the form of a wine digital marketing game plan to help you elevate your approach and let your wine shine bright like a winter’s night.

Personalized Email Marketing

Some folks find holiday shopping stressful! Take the guesswork out of gift giving with personalized emails, based on their wine preference. It’s your job nowadays to know whether they enjoy Red, White, Rose or Sparkling. With winery marketing automation, creating highly-converting, customized holiday campaigns has never been easier. Our marketing automation solutions help track, monitor, tag and segment your customer and subscriber lists based on previous purchases, website engagement and much more.

There’s a saying by a famous holiday elf, that we heard along the grapevine, “You think that we read a billion wish lists? We already know what each boy and girl wants, with the power of VBOUT”.

Want to unwrap more about our marketing automation for wineries?

Digital Advertising

The journey for any holiday wine buyer is busy. Come mid-December, social media is snowstorm of last-minute competitor copy and ad creative, seeking to secure a spot on YOUR customer’s wish list. Some of the best ways to beat the rush and generate a sustainable number of holiday leads, is to be prepared and think strategically:

  1. Plan your promotion including packaging and wine photography well ahead of time.
  2. Don’t wait until peak season in December. Have your marketing team or winery marketing agency start a series of brand awareness campaigns that will get holiday shoppers into your conversion funnel long before the holiday season.
  3. Identify ahead of time, where your target consumers are visiting your store and converting from the most. Optimize your ads for that particular social media platform to save money and boost return on investment (ROI).

Social Media

In the same way that you might do for digital advertising (above), identify what’s your target audience’s preferred social media platform. For example, if most of your wine buyers are of a particular demographic and visit your website mostly from LinkedIn or Facebook, then double down your efforts on creating highly relevant and crave worth epicurean content for that platform.

Hint: LinkedIn is also a fantastic avenue to sprinkle corporate wine gift promotions due to a higher volume of professionals seek to celebrate, reward co-workers or thank new clients.


Finally, ensure that your online store is set up to allow a pleasurable shopping experience. Does your online store and current e-commerce solution support holiday gift cards?

Make gift giving simple and easy for your customers with holiday gift cards. Bonus points for offering two alternate formats in the form of an electronic gift card and well-presented gift box, mailed to your customer’s gift recipient.

As a wine marketing company, we know some ins and outs to help you stand out and optimize your sales strategy. We hope our wine digital marketing plan will help you beat the rush and stay ahead of the rest. Should you wish to uncork a bottle and start a conversation, reach out for a no obligation consultation.