winery website layouts



winery website layouts


handcrafted by us, customized for you

Explore tailored WordPress website designs exclusively for wineries that blend style and functionality to reflect your brand essence. With our white glove service, our team offers personalized attention throughout the development process, assisting you in selecting layouts, adding content, and incorporating features like custom imagery and interactive maps. Our ADA commitment ensures inclusivity for all users. With flexible e-commerce options and scalable functionalities, our solutions evolve with your business, creating a stunning website that fosters growth and engages customers in the competitive digital wine industry.

our winery website layouts

(more layouts coming soon)

winery website layout template - napa

Napa Layout

Minimalistic Elegance




  • Minimalistic, clean, modern, bright, black and white with a featured color

Works with:

  • Brands seeking a fresh, clean look and direct user experience
  • Bright, uncluttered imagery
  • Varied image ratios for collages
  • Sans serif fonts for a modern look
winery website layout template tuscany

Tuscany Layout

Rustic Charm




  • Warm, rustic, authentic, earth tones

Works with:

  • Brands seeking an inviting, charming aesthetic
  • Warm-toned imagery
  • Serif fonts for a traditional touch
bordeaux image

Bordeaux Layout

Dramatic Opulence




  • Dark, luxurious, elegant, and rich utilizing dark colors

Works with:

  • Brands with darker aesthetic
  • High-quality images for full-screen use
  • Light text + bright accent color
  • Images with gradient overlays
  • Serif or handwritten fonts for added elegance
Rioja (1)

Rioja Layout

Vibrant Coziness




  • Colorful, bright, with vibrant colors.

Works with:

  • Brands seeking a fresh, young look.
  • Bright, saturated imagery
  • Brands with bright colors
  • Interesting and modern typography
Okanagan (1)

Okanagan Layout

Tranquil Patterns




  • Serene, Elegant, Monochromatic, Patterns

Works with:

  • Brands seeking a sophistication, tranquil aesthetic
  • Cool-toned imagery
  • Brands that use shape elements

Have Questions?

We’re here to help you explore the right design layout for your winery.

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what’s included

White glove service every step of the way

Complete set of essential winery website pages

Customizable colors & fonts

Flexible events calendar

Recipe solution 

Trade and media module including search

Ecommerce integration for Commerce7, Vinoshipper, All-New Winedirect
Have classic WineDirect or Figure? We got you covered too.

Recorded Training




Sitemap & Functions:

    • Homepage
    • Wine Shop Pages (All-New WineDirect, Commerce 7, more)
    • Club Page with Club Signup Options
    • Visit Page with Booking CTAs
    • Events Page with Interactive Calendar
    • About Page with Team and Vineyards Sub-Pages
    • Recipes Pages with Recipes Module
    • Blog Module
    • Trade & Media Directory with Search Function
    • Contact Page with Address, Map and Contact Form
    • Newsletter Signup Form
    • Social Media Buttons
    • SEO Tools and Google Analytics Setup

White Glove Service:

    • Personalized Meetings (Design Kick Off, Website Review, Training)
    • Full Website Development: Content Gathering, Optimization and Population
    • Website Launch Services
      • Setup Hosting & Domain Pointing
      • Quality Assurance Testing
      • Webpage Load Time Optimization
      • Recorded Website Training

Need more?  Explore our add-ons.


our process


personalized kickoff meeting

This is where the magic begins. We sit down, discuss your needs, review the process, and help you select the best layout to fit your brand and vision. We’ll chat about add-ons and a launch date too.


content matrix

The foundation of your website. In this step, you’ll fill out the content matrix with the exact text and images you would like on your website. Our talented team will populate your new website.


website review meeting

The big reveal. We will meet and go over your new website. Together, we will review your new site page by page and note down any changes, as well as discuss additional thoughts.


final adjustments

Our winery web design team goes back to work and will implement those change requests. Then we will send you a final note that the website is complete so you can take another look before going live.


launch website

Our hard work is complete. We launch the website on our own server or your hosting company of choice. We’ll perform QC testing and make sure all loose ends are neatly tied.


aftercare program

The fun doesn’t have to end here. You can choose to host and secure the website on our servers with our hosting and maintenance program, join our monthly ADA service, and purchase support hours for future changes.


frequently asked questions

Which webpages are essential for wineries?

The most visited pages will be your homepage, your shop page and, if you have a tasting room, the visit page attracts a lot of visitors (usually coming in #2 in terms of page visits).  Check out our blog which goes into detail as to which pages are most important for wineries.  Check it out here:

What sets your website designs apart for wineries?

Our designs are crafted specifically for wineries, blending visual elegance with functionality. We understand the unique needs of the wine industry and create designs that are not just visually appealing but also highly functional, ensuring a seamless user experience for your customers. Our web team is trained on conversion optimization and UX design and crafted these layouts to reflect the latest in web design. Plus, the layouts are 100% customizable. That means you can completely change the look of your website down the road without being stuck with a website template or investing in new website technology.

How does your white glove service enhance my website experience?

Our white-glove service not only means that we build the site, but it also means personalized attention from start to finish. We dedicate time to understanding your brand’s story, values, and objectives. This approach not only results in a website that truly represents your winery but also ensures a smooth process with expert guidance, reducing the stress and time commitment on your part, and providing peace of mind with our reliable ongoing support.

What does your complete service package include?

Our service encompasses a complete website solution tailored for wineries. This includes conversion-optimized design, e-commerce integration, ADA-friendliness, and mobile responsiveness. This comprehensive approach ensures consistency in quality and a unified strategy that effectively represents your brand and engages your target audience.

Why choose your complete website solution for my winery?

Choosing our complete website solution means tapping into a synergy of technology and design specifically crafted for the wine industry. The integration of features like wine consumer-focused design and sophisticated ecommerce integrations directly addresses the complexities of wineries. This not only enhances the customer experience but also streamlines your business operations, making it easier to manage and grow your online presence.

What additional features and add-ons do you offer?

Our range of add-ons includes recipe and trade asset population, interactive vineyard maps, advanced SEO optimization, photo and video editing, reservation integrations, enhanced forms, in-person photoshoots, galleries, pop-ups, chat functions, and more.

These additional services and add-ons are designed to further personalize your website, enhance your website’s user engagement, and provide a scalable foundation for your growing business needs.

Explore website add-ons here.

How quickly can you launch my winery's website?

Our expedited launch process, typically 4-6 weeks, is a testament to our efficient project management and skilled team. This rapid launch allows you to quickly establish a robust online presence, capitalizing on market opportunities without sacrificing quality or functionality. Check out our blog which goes into detail on why a website layout gets your story online faster.  Check it out here:

Why is owning a website better than renting?

Owning your website offers long-term benefits such as complete control over content and design, no ongoing rental fees, and the ability to fully customize and scale your site as your business grows. Owning means your website can never be taken away – the only fees after launch are hosting fees, which all websites are required to pay in order to “host” their website online.

How do your website design layouts differ from DIY website template solutions?

Unlike DIY solutions, our white glove service ensures you are not alone and a member of our talented website design team will assist every step of the way.  Plus our websites are professionally designed and developed, offering a level of customization, scalability, and technical robustness that DIY platforms can’t match. This professional approach ensures that your website not only looks great but also functions seamlessly, providing a superior user experience and a solid foundation for digital marketing strategies.

What customization options are available with your templates?

Our winery website templates serve as a starting point, from which we offer various customization options. This includes updating colors and fonts, adding or removing sections and pages, customizing your shop style and function, adding interactive vineyard maps, and more.

Explore more website add-ons here.

Why do you use WordPress for website designs?

We choose WordPress for its unparalleled flexibility, user-friendliness, and extensive feature set. This platform allows us to create websites that are not only visually stunning but also easy to manage and update. WordPress’ widespread use also ensures a vast pool of resources and plugins, providing endless possibilities for functionality and scalability. With WordPress, we can implement best practices for SEO and ADA compliance, ensuring your website can be found on search engines and remains inclusive. Read more as to why we chose WordPress for Winery Website Development.

How do your websites provide flexibility in functionality and ecommerce?

Our designs offer the flexibility to seamlessly integrate various functionalities and ecommerce solutions as your business evolves. Whether you need advanced booking systems, membership management, or diverse payment options, our websites can adapt to these requirements, ensuring a future-proof solution that grows with your business.

Why is WordPress the best platform for SEO?

WordPress’s SEO-friendly architecture, combined with our optimization techniques, makes it an ideal platform for improving search engine rankings. This translates into higher visibility for your winery, attracting more organic traffic, and ultimately leading to increased sales and brand recognition.

Do you offer training for managing my website?

Yes, we provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand recorded training sessions, empowering you and your team to manage the website effectively. This training covers everything from content updates to basic maintenance, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to keep your site fresh and engaging.  If you get stuck, we are here to help.

How do you ensure my website reflects our brand?

Our design process involves deep collaboration to ensure every aspect of your website – colors, fonts, images, and copy – aligns with your brand’s identity. This attention to detail guarantees that your website not only tells your story but also resonates with your target audience, creating a strong and memorable brand experience.

What makes your websites ADA friendly?

Our commitment to ADA friendliness ensures that your website is accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. This not only expands your market reach but also reflects your brand’s dedication to inclusivity and social responsibility. We implement the latest ADA-friendly practices including color contrast, alt text, keyboard-friendly navigation, and more.

Want to enhance your website’s ADA adherence, explore our full ADA service.

How do you handle the transition from the old site to the new one?

We manage the transition process meticulously, employing 301 redirects to maintain your existing SEO value. This approach ensures that your transition to the new site is smooth, with minimal disruption to your search engine rankings and user experience.

What post-launch services do you offer?

Aside from our website hosting and maintenance service, we offer support hours for website content changes after launch. Additionally, we offer continued support through digital, search and social advertising plus SEO services. These services are designed to maximize your website’s visibility and effectiveness, driving traffic and sales, and continuously improving your online presence.

What else can we do? Social media marketing, email marketing, and marketing strategy development.

What ecommerce platform options do you integrate into winery websites?

We provide a variety of ecommerce platform integrations, including Commerce 7, WineDirect Classic, All New Wine Direct (BigCommerce), Figure, VinoShipper, and more. These options allow you to choose the platform that best fits your business model and customer needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient online sales experience.

How do you enhance website security?

We incorporate the latest security practices and plugins, ensuring your website is protected from security threats. This approach provides peace of mind, knowing your website is safe and active.

Our maintenance and security service offers 24/7 monitoring, backup points, enterprise-level firewall plus hacker protection software, monthly technology updates, active website copy on dev server, and 2 hours/ year for website content changes.


client testimonials

"WSI is a highly capable team who helped us to redo our Southbrook website. Responsive, organized and on-time/on-spec - the most important qualities of a development firm. Thanks!"

- Southbrook Vineyards

"Andreas, Georgia, Maria and the rest of the team at WSI are a joy to work with. They are dependable, savvy, and truly understand digital marketing on a deep level. They did a fantastic job redesigning our website and we are thrilled with the results. We cannot recommend them enough!"

- Hill Family Estate

"We love working with WSI! All of their team members are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and they provide an excellent service!"

- Grgich Hills Estate

"I give WSI 5 stars for helping me to create a beautiful website for my small wine company. From start to finish, working with them was a great experience. After our first meeting, then using my story and visual materials, they produced a beautiful website that checks all of the boxes I needed. Great communicator, an amazing designer and has a deep knowledge of the website software necessary to match her client’s requests."

- Katnip Wines

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with WSI... We have seen positive growth in many areas of our business including e-commerce, traffic... brand exposure, the effectiveness of our email marketing, quality of customer data... Additionally, we worked with WSI to re-design both of our websites to ensure optimization and enhance the user experience."

- The Good Life Wine Collective, Handwritten Wines & Jessup Cellars

"We started working with WSI when we needed to make our website mobile friendly... Through the whole process they were responsive and professional and helped us analyze our options. Their web development team is skilled and the ongoing access to them is reassuring. We can't recommend them highly enough!"

- Dyer Wine

"Andreas and Georgia helped me upgrade and modernize the website for my wine brand. I was very impressed with what they had to offer... They are extremely well versed in website development, management, SEO, security and more. They are both very responsive to any needs or questions I have and follow through on any projects we undertake."

- Aiken Wines

"We were happy with their timelines- they were realistic and they stuck to them! We got everything when it was promised. Knowledge of behind the scenes on the websites was impressive. Their final work was very nice! We were very happy on it!."

- Maldonado Bottling


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