Why use WordPress for Winery Website Development?

Let’s pop the cork and pour out the truth: when it comes to building websites for wineries, we’re shameless WordPress fans. And why wouldn’t we be? If website platforms were wines, WordPress would be that perfectly aged, goes-with-anything choice that everyone keeps recommending. WordPress powers 43% of all websites as their content management system. It’s why we built our website layouts for wineries on WordPress. So, let’s dive in on why we, and the rest of the world, dig WordPress so much.

Flexibility? Check. User-Friendliness? Check.

If we want to continue the wine analogies, WordPress is like having the option to blend your own wine, however you want it. The platform’s flexibility lets us tailor websites that fit each winery like a glove. Whether it’s a boutique producer or a larger estate, WordPress offers endless opportunities to customize style, functionality, and experience.

Now, is WordPress actually user-friendly? Depends who you ask. We use specific technology in WordPress to make the website user-friendly for our clients. After we hand the website keys to you, we want to empower you to make the changes you need as your business changes. Don’t get us wrong, WordPress can be done right, and it can be done very wrong. Our WordPress web developers have established a process that we feel is pretty right. Of course, with any professionally designed website, not every change will be easy for the average person, sometimes we just need an expert. No shame in that.

Did you know… our winery website layouts are built on user-friendly, custom software that allows you to easily plug and chug your content. Of course, we’ll do the heavy lifting but if you need any updates after launch, you’ll have clear guidance on how to make those changes yourself. Go you!

The Swiss Army Knives of Websites

WordPress’s extensive feature set is like having a high-tech toolbox at your fingertips. There’s a plugin for just about anything and everything you could need, from booking systems to Instagram feeds. The vast pool of resources and plugins means we can add functionality ensuring your website scales as your winery grows. As part of our development process, we hand select the plugins and services we integrate to ensure long-standing support, security and performance.

SEO That Brings All the Boys (and Girls) to the Yard

Here’s where WordPress really shines—its SEO-friendly architecture is advanced and expansive. Combined with our optimization techniques, WordPress can be the ideal platform to help your website rank on search engines. Successful SEO is a combination of website performance, website popularity, and content creation – WordPress gives you the platform to excel at all of these areas.

Making the Web a Welcoming Place for Everyone

Inclusivity is key in both winemaking and web design. WordPress gives us the capability to edit your website extensively so you can get as close to ADA compliance as possible. This is important for ensuring everyone can access your website and to curb any ADA lawsuit efforts. While compliance is never guaranteed, with WordPress, we can do a lot to get you close.

Extensive Security Options

This one’s a biggy. Just like a sturdy cellar protects your wine, WordPress’s robust security plugins keep your website safe from the nastiness of the internet. Regular updates mean vulnerabilities are patched before they can become an issue, allowing you to sleep easy, without nightmares of data breaches disrupting your sweet dreams of winery success. We implement security measures that notify us of any hack attempts – you’d be surprised how many attacks occur on everyday websites.

Perfect Pairing: WordPress and Winery Ecommerce Software

Just like a fine wine pairs beautifully with the right cheese, WordPress pairs seamlessly with various winery-specific software solutions. Whether you’re using Commerce7, VinoShipper, WineDirect (Classic or All-New), or any other ecommerce solution, WordPress doesn’t just play nice; it enhances the experience. Our winery website layout templates are made to easily adapt to your ecommerce software and use conversion optimization best practices to get you more sales.

Commerce7: For those who are using Commerce7 to manage their customer relationships and sales, integrating this platform with WordPress is a breeze. The integration displays your shop and customer account pages on your website and allows for complete styling to match your brand. The user-experience is slick and conversion requires minimal clicks.

VinoShipper: VinoShipper users will appreciate how easily it meshes with WordPress. This platform handles everything from compliance with state laws to shipping logistics and integrating it with WordPress means that your online store can efficiently manage orders and shipping without ever leaving your website. Customize and style the store to match your winery’s brand, and you’re all set.

All New WineDirect: Upgrading to All New WineDirect? WordPress integration ensures that your e-commerce capabilities are robust. This platform is designed for wineries looking to streamline their online sales and marketing, and when paired with WordPress, you get a powerhouse tool ready to tackle everything from email marketing campaigns to inventory management. All-New WineDirect runs on BigCommerce software which offers a nice plugin connection to WordPress for a smooth user-experience and custom styles.

Subdomain Store Setup: For wineries using software that keep their main website and online store separate (Classic WineDirect, VineSuite, etc), WordPress can link out to your store subdomain and be styled to match almost perfectly. This setup allows you to maintain a cohesive brand image and SEO strategy while diversifying your site’s functionality.

Got Classic WineDirect? WordPress is a great way to build your foundation for success. While you wait for All-New WineDirect, you can launch a stunning WordPress website (with links to your subdomain store) to supercharge your marketing efforts. You’ll be able to build up great content and optimize your website’s performance and speed. Then, when All-New WineDirect is ready to go live, you can integrate it into the site and simply remove the old store links. The transition is fast and you’ll be ready to rock and roll on the latest technology.

Pouring our Final Thoughts on WordPress-based Winery Websites

Choosing WordPress for winery websites really comes down to one thing: scalability. We strive to create sites that grow with your business. Marketing is all about thinking ahead, and so that’s how we approach web design. We craft a digital space that engages your visitors, keeps your data safe, and lets you fly.

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