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European-trained winemaker Scott Harvey has had a long and successful career in wine. When he decided to move to Amador County, he brought his know-how with him and put the region on the map as one of the best places to produce Barbera and Zinfandel. With his wife Jana Harvey by his side, who brings over 20 years of expertise in sales and marketing, the dream became a reality. Scott Harvey Wines is a gem among the Sierras and brings exceptional wine and hospitality to the region.

Scott Harvey Wines craved a website that showcased their rich history, passion, and talent. The previous website needed to be restructured in a more user-friendly way, with a refreshing integration and modern design.

our solution

A WordPress website was built, incorporating Scott Harvey Wine’s distinctive branding, drawing inspiration from their renowned Griffin design. A Classic WineDirect integration streamlined the shopping process, enabling users to complete purchases swiftly. The WineDirect store pages were redesigned to be more modern and create a effortless user experience. An event calendar was introduced to highlight the diverse range of events available at the three tasting rooms and beyond. Additionally, a dynamic map was integrated to pinpoint the various vineyards from which Scott Harvey Wines sources their grapes. Furthermore, a knowledge base was established, providing distributors and partners with accessible trade and media resources for download. A newly designed recipes function allows customers to browse and find inspiration as they search for the perfect pairing.

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