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WineDirect’s feature-filled solution offers wineries complete management of their daily processes, like tasting room and online sales, club management, and more. While WineDirect offers website templates, we’ve created a unique solution allowing you to integrate WineDirect into a completely customized WordPress, Squarespace website or other content management systems so you can stand out and shine.

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WordPress + Custom Online Store

the Using WordPress, we are able to completely customize all aspects of the design from homepage to shop. Our engineers connect WineDirect’s cart and checkout pages so users can shop on your WordPress website and complete checkout on a secure WineDirect page.

Using shortcodes, we can embed products into any page and categorize them by varietal, region, etc. Product pages can be customized and wine club registration pages integrated.


Data Layer with Cross-Domain Tracking

Analytical data is essential to measure the success of any marketing campaign. With a data layer offering cross domain tracking, we can enable complete end-to-end view and assessment of marketing campaigns, ad spent ROI and website performance while also unlocking powerful marketing automation capabilities.

Google Analytics
Monitoring of cross-domain website activity and engagements via our data layer enables a full suite of Google Analytics that you never knew were possible including enhanced e-commerce data.
Google Ads
The “data bridge” between the website frontend and WineDirect store enables laser-focused Google ad campaigns plus retargeting opportunities based on the user’s engagement with the website. The data layer handles the conversion codes and triggers pre-defined activities based on user-behavior like time on webpage, scroll depth and more.
Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel utilizes the data layer “bridge” to track cross-domain activity between the website frontend and the WineDirect store. Now you can finally track conversions to serve relevant content such as browse and/or cart abandonment social media ads.

Email Marketing Automation: VBOUT

With powerful cross-domain tracking, connecting the WordPress frontend with the WineDirect store unlocks the door to endless marketing automation capabilities. With the power of VBOUT, we help you to better serve your wine customers with personalization and efficiency.

With marketing automation at your fingertips, you stand to deliver more relevant and personalized marketing and highly converting content including automated cart and browse abandonment emails, birthday specials, wine club and VIP promotions as well as SMS and anniversary specials.

With the lead scoring capabilities of VBOUT marketing automation you can see in real time who your most motivated and ready-to-buy wine clients are based on website activity, campaign engagement and social media behavior.




WineDirect Integration into Website 

  • Modal Cart Integration
  • Add to Cart CTA for Wine Category & Product Pages 
  • Creation & Skinning of Wine Club Registration and Login Page in WineDirect
  • Skinning of WineDirect Cart, Checkout and Account Pages


integration example


Hill Family Estate

WordPress Integration

Hill Family Estate is a family-owned winery with farming roots producing premium wines in Yountville, CA. Hill Family Estate required a website that promoted their unique brand. The previous website was built using a WineDirect website template allowing users to shop wines easily but limiting the winery from customizing the design to reflect their unique messaging.

We built a completely customized WordPress website and created a unique WineDirect integration solution that allows users to seamlessly shop for wine, join wine club, and making tasting reservations.


client testimonials

"Andreas, Georgia, Maria and the rest of the team at WSI are a joy to work with. They are dependable, savvy, and truly understand digital marketing on a deep level. They did a fantastic job redesigning our website and we are thrilled with the results. We cannot recommend them enough!"

- Hill Family Estate

"We love working with WSI! All of their team members are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and they provide an excellent service!"

- Grgich Hills Estate

"We started working with WSI when we needed to make our website mobile friendly... Through the whole process they were responsive and professional and helped us analyze our options. Their web development team is skilled and the ongoing access to them is reassuring. We can't recommend them highly enough!"

- Dyer Wine

"Andreas and Georgia helped me upgrade and modernize the website for my wine brand. I was very impressed with what they had to offer... They are extremely well versed in website development, management, SEO, security and more. They are both very responsive to any needs or questions I have and follow through on any projects we undertake."

- Aiken Wines

"We were happy with their timelines- they were realistic and they stuck to them! We got everything when it was promised. Knowledge of behind the scenes on the websites was impressive. Their final work was very nice! We were very happy on it!."

- Maldonado Bottling


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