reach your audience with winery advertising

Finding new audiences and expanding your reach is possible with winery advertising. Whether you’re looking for wine enthusiasts to promote your high-end wines or you want to find casual wine drinkers to sell lower priced bottles, advertising puts your brand in front of the right audiences at the right place and the right time.

raise awareness, retarget, and convert


paid search advertising

Appear in the right place at the right time with paid search ads. Pay per click and generate leads.

social media advertising

Be where your audience is. Boost brand awareness, get more leads, and increase sales with social media advertising.

Google display advertising

Partner with the largest search engine in the world. Use Google display ads to increase brand awareness across multiple channels.

brand awareness campaigns

These winery advertising campaigns are meant to reach new audiences – but not necessarily convert them yet. For social media advertising, we utilize demographic and interest targeting as well as lookalike audiences to find people who are most likely to be interested in your brand. For Google advertising, we use display ads here to reach people based on interest and contexual targeting and hyper-local targeting. Brand awareness ads are great for promoting tasting room visits or introducing your winery to new faces. Here, you can also use interesting and helpful content, such as blogs, to capture attention and use “Learn More” as call-to-action.

interested audiences

Audiences that have shown interest in your brand are in the middle of the funnel. These warm audiences can benefit from remarketing ads via Google display and social media (retargeting those from the last 180 days). Non-branded Paid Search (PPC) ads can be used here as well to target audiences who are further along in their buyer’s journey. Special offers and event promotions erform well using these tactics.

ready to buy​

At the tip of the funnel are those ready to buy. Give them a nudge with strategic paid search and retargeting ads. For social media ads, target existing followers and engagers as well as website visitors from the last 30 days or so. Browse and cart abandonment ads can perform strongly here if your audience pool is large enough (pst… it should be after running consistent brand awareness ads). Target those who didn’t complete purchases but took meaningful actions on your website or previous ads. Use “Shop,” “Buy Now,” or “Book Now” to drive action. For Google ads, branded and non-branded paid search ads are your key here to target those who are ready to make their decision.


our clients


our process


audience research & ad creation

We take time to understand your target audience so we can determine how and where to advertise to them. We then create ads that will best connect with the consumer.


campaign setup & publishing

We setup the winery advertising campaign and fine tune targeting, budget, and timeline. We ensure tracking is setup and ready. After nailing the strategy, we publish.


management & reporting

Our team monitors the ads daily to ensure the campaign is running smoothly. We conduct ongoing optimizations and create a report based on results.




Mix of Social Media and Google Campaigns

  • Creation of Ad Sets
  • Re-Use & Modification of Existing Ad Set
  • Setup of Ad Manager & Audience Creation (Facebook or Google)
  • Keyword Research (Google only)
  • Ad Strategy Creation & Campaign Setup
  • Advertising Campaign Management

*Advertising Campaign Budget Not included


Mix of Social Media or Google Campaigns

  • Creation of Ad Sets
  • Re-Use & Modification of Existing Ad Set
  • Setup of Ad Manager & Audience Creation (Facebook or Google)
  • Keyword Research (Google only)
  • Ad Strategy Creation & Campaign Setup
  • Advertising Campaign Management

*Advertising Campaign Budget Not included


Mix of Social Media or Google Campaigns

  • Creation of Ad Sets
  • Re-Use & Modification of Existing Ad Set
  • Setup of Ad Manager & Audience Creation (Facebook or Google)
  • Keyword Research (Google only)
  • Ad Strategy Creation & Campaign Setup
  • Advertising Campaign Management

*Advertising Campaign Budget Not included

*Single advertising campaign based pricing available on request.


frequently asked questions

What can I advertise?

Your only limitation is your imagination. You can run social media and Google ads to promote tasting room reservations, new wine releases, holiday offers, upcoming event, virtual tastings, online store retargeting, and so much more.

How do I choose where to advertise?

Depending on your campaign goals, we help you determine if you should advertise on social media (Facebook & Instagram) or on Google via Display or Search.

Based on where your audience is in the marketing funnel, we have a specific ad type to best reach them on each platform.

How much do I need to spend on advertising?

Again, it depends on our objectives and audience size. Retargeting ads for example have a smaller audience and require less budget, while brand awareness ads most likely require larger budgets depending on the size of the target audience and the geographic area you want to cover.

As part of our ad campaign setup, we will create the ad strategy, target audience and estimations for an ad budget required to achieve your campaign goals, like number of cases sold, virtual tasting sign ups, etc. Depending on your business goals the campaign ad budget can vary between a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

What do I need to create an ad?

High quality photos or videos are needed for our creative team to put together your advertisement. We will go over messaging and goals and our creative team will incorporate this into your ad.

How long do I run my ad campaign?

Most importantly, this depends on your business goals, the special you offer and your available ad budget. We always like to recommend to run the ad campaign as long as it’s performing well and supports your business goals. A good starting point is to give yourself a month of ad run time to allow Google and Facebook to collect plenty of data. Of course, if you want to run a short promotion, the campaign should follow.

What is a Lookalike audience on Facebook?

Lookalike audiences are audiences you can create in Facebook that mirror existing customers.

You can upload a list of your customer emails into Facebook audiences and Facebook will create a “Lookalike” audience – it will find other people on Facebook who mirror your customers in behaviors and interests. You can then target these Lookalike audiences in your ads to find new people. You can also create a Lookalike audience from your existing website visitors and social media followers. These audiences can be very successful when running wine Facebook ads.


client testimonials

"Andreas, Georgia, Maria and the rest of the team at WSI are a joy to work with. They are dependable, savvy, and truly understand digital marketing on a deep level. They did a fantastic job redesigning our website and we are thrilled with the results. We cannot recommend them enough!"

- Hill Family Estate

"We love working with WSI! All of their team members are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and they provide an excellent service!"

- Grgich Hills Estate

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with WSI for the past 15 months. We have seen positive growth in many areas of our business including e-commerce, traffic... brand exposure, the effectiveness of our email marketing, quality of customer data... Additionally, we worked with WSI to re-design both of our websites to ensure optimization and enhance the user experience."

- The Good Life Wine Collective, Handwritten Wines & Jessup Cellars

"We started working with WSI when we needed to make our website mobile friendly... Through the whole process they were responsive and professional and helped us analyze our options. Their web development team is skilled and the ongoing access to them is reassuring. We can't recommend them highly enough!"

- Dyer Wine

"Andreas and Georgia helped me upgrade and modernize the website for my wine brand. I was very impressed with what they had to offer... They are extremely well versed in website development, management, SEO, security and more. They are both very responsive to any needs or questions I have and follow through on any projects we undertake."

- Aiken Wines

"We were happy with their timelines- they were realistic and they stuck to them! We got everything when it was promised. Knowledge of behind the scenes on the websites was impressive. Their final work was very nice! We were very happy on it!."

- Maldonado Bottling


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