Creating a Holistic Marketing Strategy for Your Winery

We wouldn’t be surprising you by saying that no matter what industry you’re in, your business will benefit from an online marketing strategy. A customer journey that will lead to conversions relies on establishing trust, creating awareness and providing value. Today, there are many ways to reach and build a relationship with wine consumers, whether via social media for wineries, content creation and winery SEO (search engine optimization), or highly targeted brand awareness campaigns in the form of paid media (PPC Advertising).

When considering your marketing strategy, it’s important to know which one works for you. So, what strategy wins? Social, SEO, or Paid Media? The answer is all of them! The strategy you choose depends on your business needs. At the end of the day the goal is to generate more traffic and attract motivated buyers.

This is where a wine marketing company can help give your team a competitive advantage by leveraging industry leading tools, knowledge and expertise. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of each of the digital marketing tactics:

Social Media for Wineries

Social media is where consumers are today. Being present on social media creates connections and builds trust. Organic reach in the different social media channels has become harder and harder as platforms look to capitalize on businesses willing to dig deep and invest in professional social media marketing services to position themselves ahead of competitors. Stay one step ahead of platform algorithms with some winning social media techniques include going LIVE, short form (30-60 second) videos, collaborations and most importantly community engagement. As a wine marketing company, we help clients maintain an appetizing social media presence with a passion for epicurean storytelling.

Winery SEO

Search Engine Optimization involves tailoring your winery website copy so that it targets relevant and motivated wine consumers. Success in SEO relies on understanding the types of keywords that your target demographic is using to search and discover businesses like yours. Winery SEO is similar to social media in that it helps consumers learn more about your winery or wine business and is an important method of brand awareness early on during the customer journey. The biggest advantage of SEO is that it is long term strategy. Content creation in the form of blogs remain part of your website for years to come and can become a huge driver of online traffic. The important caveat to SEO success is that it requires time and consistency for search engines like Google to understand, index and rank your website content.

Winery Advertising

If your winery or business requires short term results and highly targeted brand awareness, you may need to bring paid media into your marketing mix. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and social media advertising leverage the power of popular search engines and social media platforms to target consumers based on browsing behavior, search intent and interests. Our wine marketing company specialize in helping craft highly converting campaigns that achieve results, be it increased tasting room visitation, online wine sales, virtual tastings and club member subscriptions.


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Whether its social media or google ads, content creation, video marketing or winery SEO, if you don’t have a high performing, user friendly website, you will not yield the results you want because consumers may lose interest or momentum once reaching your site. At the end of the day, no matter where your traffic comes from, they will reach your website. Now it’s up to you, to make sure your website provides the right information in an easy to navigate fashion, to help get your motivated shoppers from the landing page to the checkout as quickly with as little friction as possible.

The best wine ecommerce websites utilize a combination of all of the above which complement each other to deliver an “omnichannel” marketing approach. If you’re a small business, it’s important to be realistic in what you can achieve based on budget, number of team members and breath of resources. A common mistake is diversifying your marketing strategy too quickly, where you can risk spreading resources too thin across every marketing channel. Contact our wine marketing company to learn more about how we can help your wine business grow.