The Importance of a Custom Wine Store Integration

While the recent pandemic has likely accelerated the pace, online shopping continues to grow at a remarkable pace. According to Statista, digital shoppers have increased nearly 50% since 2016 to a projected total of 2.4 billion shoppers for 2021.

The prospects of door-to-door deliveries, better pricing, and saving personal time and energy have made online sales platforms critical features of any company website.

The wine industry has also generated substantial sales growth through the buy-from-home capability created by wine clubs and direct-to-consumer winery purchases.

Successful wineries have upgraded their wine ecommerce presence within their winery websites to attract and engage more customers with professionally designed wine store integrations.

Ecommerce for Wineries

In 2020, Forbes reported that off-premise wine sales soared by 27% soon after the Covid-19 pandemic had begun. Whether purchased direct from wineries, wine clubs, or online from “bricks and mortar” retailers, the trend is clear.

Winery managers and owners realize that they must incorporate an effective eCommerce platform in their winery web design to maintain demand for their unique products.

An effective eCommerce platform and winery website must:

  • Create a virtual “wine store” where visitors enjoy browsing, learning, and shopping.
  • Attract visitors with effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and high-quality content.
  • Hold their interest with eye-catching, informative features and an exciting landing page.
  • Present the wines with top-end photography and pleasing, easy-to-follow graphics.
  • Entice all Prospective Buyers to place an order and initiate a shipment.
  • Offer Calls-to-Action that encourages visitors to secure membership benefits in the company’s wine club and receive regular shipments.
  • Manage all transactions smoothly with a simple-to-use shopping cart.

Integrating a Wine Ecommerce Platform

Situated in the heart of Napa Valley’s world-famous wine industry, NextGen Wine Marketing is uniquely qualified to promote the quality and benefits of online wine sales.

NextGen Wine Marketing’s wine web design team can incorporate your wine ecommerce platform in a manner that provides appealing, attention-grabbing content linked to an easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated wine store. NextGen Wine Marketing works with each client to incorporate winery management software for the entire enterprise to simpler platforms that focus solely on website sales.

Every winery is different, and one-size-fits-all integrations are not appropriate. The NextGen Wine Marketing professionals will work with each client to identify needs and integrate the most suitable platform.

Common winery ecommerce solutions include:

  • Advanced Management Systems (AMS)
  • Commerce7
  • VineSpring
  • WineDirect
  • eCellar
  • VinoShipper

Contact NextGen Wine Marketing in Napa, CA

Headquartered almost among the vineyard rows, NextGen Wine Marketing understands the complexities and needs of wine sales. By representing several world-class wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma County, NextGen Wine Marketing understands the challenges of smaller wineries trying to create a presence in the growing world of wine ecommerce platforms. Let our team help you establish your niche with state-of-the-art winery website design and effective wine ecommerce platform integration.

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